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Brandon Sarna is a project manager at a leading global commercial real estate services company with offices in 80 countries worldwide. He joined the firm as an associate project manager in 2017 and was quickly promoted to project manager 18 months later.

As a project manager, Sarna is responsible for overseeing all aspects of his assigned real estate projects from start to finish. This includes pre-construction activities like budgeting, scheduling and subcontractor selection, as well as construction and post-construction activities such as quality control, procurement and compliance. He also focuses on maximizing efficiency and profitability by ensuring that these projects are completed effectively.

Before joining the global commercial real estate services company, Sarna worked as a manufacturing industry project manager for an architectural firm based in New York. During his time there, he managed custom manufacturing processes for bespoke furniture, retail fixtures and signage. He also previously had an internship at an asset management firm where he supported their acquisition of intellectual media assets.

In addition to this professional experience, Sarna has hands-on entertainment industry and talent management experience gained while working with music management and media companies. Amongst other duties, he assisted artists and producers in promoting their music, negotiating contracts and booking venues. He additionally coordinated with production teams for productions by channels such as Discovery Channel and Travel Channel.

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